Generalized Newtonian rheology merged in next


As of today, the next branch also includes the possibility to use some generalized Newtonian rheological models. Currently, the supported models are the Bingham, power-law and Herschel–Bulkey models. For Bingham and Herschel–Bulkley, the regularized versions (Papanastasiou, Alexandrou) are available as well. We also support the single-exponent DeKee & Turkotte model, optionally with a regularized yield strength (Zhu model). Adding other models where the apparent viscosity can be computed from the shear rate is rather straightforward.

Multi-fluid is supported, but it is not (currently) possible to have different rheological models for different fluids. However, since Herschel–Bulkley is a wide-encompassing rheology that can also be used to obtain Newtonian, Bingham and power-law behavior by setting the rheological parameters appropriately, the only combination that cannot be satisfied is when one fluid should be modelled by the DeKee & Turkotte model while the other would need to be modelled with Herschel–Bulkley. If the need arises, a rheological model that combines both the power-law and exponential behavior can be added to the list of supported models.