Assistance With Running a Simulation

Hello GPUSPH community,

I wanted to reach out and ask for help in running a simulation of a wave breaking in GPUSPH. I have been looking at the user manuals this past week trying to get my head around the program, however to no avail. And I think that I don’t have the appropriate graphics card (I have learned that NVIDIA is one of these!).

What I wanted to ask, is if there is anyone in the community you know of who could communicate and collaborate with me with regard to assisting me run a simulation?

I am doing a project on choosing certain parts of a wave to perform certain surfing maneuvers according to the energy potential in that part of the wave, and a visual representation of the spatial and temporal energy distribution across a breaking wave would really add to the piece.

I hope I am not out of line with this request, and I thank you for your time with regards to this matter.

Any help would be deeply appreciated,


Daniel Grainger

Hello @grainger, and thanks for your interest in GPUSPH.

the kind of simulation that you want to do is possible with GPUSPH, and you can look e.g. at the WaveTank problem as example on how to generate waves (but yes, you will need an NVIDIA GPU to run GPUSPH).

I would recommend that you get started with that problem, trying to build and run it, and maybe change some parameters and check how they affect the simulation, to get a bit of familiarity with the code, the options, and the visualization tools (ParaView is the tool of choice for most of the people working on GPUSPH, but other software supporting the VTK can also be used). The information that you want can be computed from the simulation results (e.g. the kinetic and potential energy can be computed from the particles’ velocity and position). You can also WaveTank (or some other problem that you feel fits better with your needs) as a basis for your own test cases.


Giuseppe Bilotta