Case examples in website and in repo

I am looking at the case examples made available with version 5, namely those listed in the set-up guide, and at those shown in the website. They seem to differ.

A first polite request would be to align these two sets, at least in a way that all that is shown on the webpage (or in a section aptly called Case examples) can be reproduced, never mind if at a low particle resolution. Images would also help users to zoom into their area of interest more quickly, and getting started more easily. Every little helps: life so short, craft so long.

More specifically, I would have started off with the case “box with pressure inlet and floating cube”. Which available test case is the closest to that? Starting from existing files would spare me some concerns about tripping on trivial mistakes.

I am glad to share that I found a plausible answer to my question just a few pages down the manual: it is the CompleteSaExample test case.

If deemed relevant, the polite request about cross-linking website, repository and documentation holds.