Paraview Catalyst support

I was looking at the Makefile and it is implied that Paraview Catalyst is supported. Without digging through the source code, is this true? I don’t see anything in the documentation about it. I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this. Is it already fully operational? If so, why is there nothing in the documentation? Can someone provide a working example? I’m not sure how to enable or make use of the library if it is available.

From a development point of view, how/where does it appear in the source code? I’ve never used Paraview Catalyst, but from what I read, it sounds like it would be a great feature.

Hello @GWAVE, integration with ParaView Catalyst is supported as part of the support for using GPUSPH as a solver for SALOME. I’m not sure if anyone has tried building/using it independently, but it should be possible by setting the include path appropriately and adding the DISPLAYWRITER as a writer. Enabling the feature should just require make catalyst=1 (on the first make run) assuming everything is configured correctly.