Where to find more information about force/torque data


After looking at the force/moment output on a moving body from one of my simulations, I realized I need more information on how that data is reported. For example, I assume the moment is about the center of mass of the rigid body, but I wanted to confirm that in the code somewhere. Where can I find information about this in the code? Is it in the Chrono code, or GPUSPH? Any information on this would be very helpful!

Thank you!

Hello @brittlyd,

for the moving bodies, the information is always relative to the center of mass. You can see in src/writers/CommonWriter.cc which data is written. The information is split into two files: rbdata stores the center of mass of the object and the quaternion representing the rotation, while objectforces prints the computed and the applied force and momentum (wrt the center of mass).